Which Is The Capital Of Fashion?

Fashion is all around us and no matter if we like watching the fashion shows on TV or simply look in glossy magazines, we are surrounded by it. In many capitals of the world fashion is an important subject and one of the major concerns for young girls (and not only them!). But where exactly is the capital of Fashion?

This is an ongoing battle between the most famous capitals that also hold some of the famous Fashion Weeks. If last year the top places in the chart where occupied by Milan, New York, Paris, Rome and London, this year according to the Global Language Monitor’s annual global survey things have changed dramatically. The state of the financial environment has also affected the fashion industry just like anything else. The fashion shows were still abundant, the catwalks were still crowded but the fashion buzz was a lot dimmer.

This year’s top ten fashion capitals of the world include (1 through 10):

Milano – The city that managed to overtake New York but also some other important cities on the fashion radar such as Rome and Paris.

New York – After five years when it occupied the first position, being the world’s capital of fashion, NY was overtaken by Milano this year.

Paris – Even if most fashionistas consider Paris to be the all time capital of fashion, the media has another opinion this is why the city only occupies a decent number 3.

Rome – The city where fashion meets the Italian beauty and the place where women don’t go outside without make-up, Rome still hold strong at number 4.

London – Despite the bad weather and bad food, London still remains in Top 5 fashion capitals of the world. The British fashion icons put a strong fight so that is remains here.

Los Angeles – The place where the sun shines all year long and where girls have fashion contests to see which one is better dressed, The city of Angels is situated this year at number 6.

Hong Kong – With a different culture, that we sometimes have difficulties understanding, Hong Kong is the number one fashion capital in the Asia/Pacific ( leaping over Tokyo ) and number 7 in the World Wide chart.

Sao Paolo – The beauty of the Brazilian girls and the fashion tastes has made Sao Paolo rise remarkably and take the lead in the Latin-American scene.

Sydney – The Australian delicate beauty surely helped as Sydney is still in Top Ten while Melbourne sinks dramatically.

Las Vegas – The hot dessert, the celebrities and the continuous media spotlight makes Las Vegas occupy the tenth position in this fashion chart.

The Fashion Capital of South East Asia Goes Wholesale

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